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Massages and care

Let yourself be pampered!

Aurore, the masseuse, is at your disposal from Monday morning to Saturday evening for our bed and breakfast and cottages in Château-Gontier and Ménil. She can also provide many beauty treatments: from simple eyebrow shaping to make-up for a wedding party, including nail polish, foot care, etc.
Ask ... and book: it is necessary to ensure availability.

Hawaiian Massage


Lomi-lomi, in Hawaiian, means to massage, to knead, to caress.
It is a relaxing massage of 60 minutes. € 60

Japanese facial


It is a Japanese facial with incredible anti-aging properties.
It lasts 60 minutes. € 60


Classic facial.
(45 minutes) 43 €
Radiance facial treatment (60 min).
€ 53

Ayurvedic massage "abhyanga"

It's a 60-minute energy massage.

€ 60

Cranial massage

The modeling of the skull relieves tension and offers an exceptional relaxation break.
It lasts 45 minutes. € 45

Makeup / Nails

Make up day: 20 €
Laying of semi-permanent varnish: 16 €
Eyebrow waxing: 7 €